Are you planning your summer vacation and asking yourself if you should rent a car or drive your own? If so, remember that there are a few ways to think about your decision. One way is to determine how long you will be on your road trip. If you are planning a one-week vacation that adds a large number of miles, it probably makes more sense to rent a car than to use your own.  Why? The answer is simple: The miles you add to a rental car are far less expensive than those you would add to your own car. It’s estimated that operating a car costs nearly $.60 a mile. The expense of gas accounts for less than one-fourth of driving a car. So, the rest of the cost goes to depreciation. As you might know, as soon as you drive a new car off the dealer’s lot, the value drops significantly. Also factored into per-mile costs on your vehicle are insurance, maintenance, and the interest on a car loan. Take advantage of summer car rental specials when you are planning a vacation with your family. Look around for the companies with great recommendations and a wide selection of cars. You can save on adding wear and tear on your own vehicle and enjoy a different kind of car as part of feeling that you are “getting away from it all.” United Auto Rental, a leading company for car rental in Ontario, CA, is known for its outstanding customer service and affordable prices.








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