Road trips are some of the most memorable times a family can share together. The memories last far into adulthood and easily fall into the “Do you remember when…?” category of conversations. If you’re renting a vehicle that comfortably accommodates the whole family, it makes sense to book it as far in advance as possible. You will always have easy bookings with United Auto Rental, which is known for its efficient customer service and affordable car rental in Orange County, CA.

You don’t want to plan every detail of your trip and wait till the last minute to book your car, especially if you seek a van, SUV, or some other vehicle out of the realm of sedans. Booking in advance guarantees that you get the car you want and most likely pay less when you lock in earlier. Another way to save on your car rentals is to avoid one-way rentals, and to choose the same pick-up and drop-off locations. Following are some of smartest ways to get the most out of your rental car:

  • Rent cars with unlimited mileage.
  • Skip the extras like roadside assistance, satellite radio service, and GPS navigation.
  • Use the credit card that includes basic insurance coverage when you use it for car rentals.
  • Purchase your own toll transponder and pay only for what you use.
  • Check out the price of prepaid gas.

Check out the convenience, efficiency, and affordability of United Auto Rental when you’re looking to save on a rental car in Orange County, CA. Call (888) 660-0101 (toll free) for more information.

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